Orchard Ridge

Clubhouse Rentals

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Indoor / Outdoor Private Group Usage

Rental Availability - Day/Hours
Orchard Ridge offers an indoor clubhouse and outdoor pavilion space available for Meetings, Luncheons, Social
Events, Parties, Wedding Reception, Reunions, and other standard social celebrations.
Reservation times are Monday - Friday 6 pm - 10 pm, Saturday & Sundays 9 am - 10 pm. Private event reservations are only available to Orchard Ridge residents. 
A function is not to exceed four (4) hours including setup and clean up after the function. No resident may reserve more than (1) one block of time per day.
For swimming pool usage within your function,  you will need to make arrangements with Lifeguard services and Management.
Check availability if not already reserved or an association-hosted event is taking place residents can place an online reservation request.  
A Reservation Fee of $50.00 and a Deposit of $150.00 is required no later than 24 hours prior to the Function, each in the form of a check. Please make the checks payable to “Orchard Ridge Residential Master Community, Inc” and state “Facility Reservation Fee” in the memo section of the $50.00 check and “Facility Reservation Deposit” in the memo section of the $150.00 check.    
Reservation Fees are waived for organizations that fit the following criteria: 
  • All guests are current Orchard Ridge members
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Event is open to residents

Number of Attendees Allowed
Clubhouse: 35
Pavilion: 35

Function Boundaries & Resident Hosting Responsibilities
The function shall be situated/contained within the facility and the parking lot only. Violation will cause the forfeiture of the deposit and may result in additional disciplinary action. For swimming pool usage within your function,  you will need to make arrangements with Lifeguard services and Management.
  • The hosting resident(s) must be in attendance at all times during the hours the facility is reserved. 
  • The hosting resident(s) is responsible to ensure the noise level of the function is not a nuisance to any of the surrounding neighbors.
  • Alcohol may be served at your event at the Community Center. However, it must be monitored and served by a TABC-certified bartender. The current and valid TABC certificate must be submitted to the Community Manager at least 10 days before the event, and the bartender must also present it upon entering the building on the day of the event. Otherwise, alcohol may not be served.
  • Smoking and other tobacco products are prohibited inside the building
  • Attaching decorations to the walls, doors, or any painted surface is prohibited
  • Pets are not allowed inside the building
Hosting resident(s) are responsible for set up and clean up, including restrooms and the parking lot in the condition they were in prior to the function. 

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