Orchard Ridge

Payment Options

Orchard Ridge Monthly Assessment Fee $195 billed quarterly ($65 per/mo)
Payment methods include: 
Pay by direct debit: Sign-up to have your assessment payment automatically drafted from your bank account the month your payment is due.  Please download the application form below, complete all information as requested, and mail the completed application with a copy of a voided check to CCMC to complete your enrollment process.
You may also email the form and a copy of your voided check to achsetup@ccmcnet.com or fax the information to 480-921-7564.
Pay by mail: Payments can be mailed to the address listed on the assessment statement. Please include the detachable coupon portion of the statement. Update your billing address with the online form. 
Pay online: Payments can be made using eCheck, credit card or automatic withdrawal. Set up online payment 
Alexandra Tuckness, Community Manager